Children Wellness

At AromaOasis, we make Chinese Medicine available to children and babes as well. In Chinese Pediatric Medicine, children are not treated as little adults but rather as unique individual make-up at a specific developmental stage with specific needs.

With the understanding that children prefer a gentle yet effective approach to healing, we introduce Chinese infant massage, , food cure herbal formula, gentle babe cupping to improve and maintain the delicate system inherent in a child’s body.By incorporating these modalities, we will be able to address a variety of conditions, which includes but not limited to:

Bed-wettingDiarrhea, Poor Appetite, Indigestion, MalnutritionCommon Cold, Cough & Asthma, AllergiesDevelopmental Disabilities (marked by sensory & motor impairments)

The World Health Organization appears to be in favor of Chinese Medicine for treating pediatric disorders such as cough:

“Although the specific treatment for pertussis is antimicrobials, the paroxysmal coughing is usually very distressing. There has been a report that acupuncture could hasten the cure as well as relieving the cough.”

Traditional Chinese Style Baby Massage